Online Sportsbook

Our online Sportsbook allows players to wager on hundreds of events worldwide. All major sports are available for wagering, such as Basketball, Football, Baseball, Cricket, Hockey, Soccer, Rugby, Tennis, Racing, Golf, Boxing, and many more. We also provide an option for wagering on non-sports related events, such as reality TV shows, political elections, other athletic events, and many more.


Capable of handling thousands of wagers in seconds
Live sports news feeds and scores
Real-time sports odds feed
Monitor player wagering patterns in detail
Instant and automated wager grading
Complete compatibility with call center operation












Our system is capable of either handling the wager lines automatically (by using a system based on pre-determined wagering characteristics and conditions) or allowing the operator to manually adjust the wager lines. We also provide the resources other wagering options including straight wagers, halftime wagers, futures, money lines, totals, propositions, parlays, teasers, and more.