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There are two key components to running a successful iGaming operation. One is having visually pleasing and exciting games. The second is having a secure back-end content management system. The Content Management System provides your employees with the tools to create real-time, customizable reports with the specific information they need, in precisely the way they need it.

Our Content Management System provides the most extensive and intuitive reports and tools in the industry. Furthermore, it works across all game types so you can manage records and reports individually or as a whole. The Content Management System provides access to detailed accounting, customer management, marketing statistics, and promotional features.


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Control Panel: These provide the operator with detailed customer information, including registration information, deposit & withdrawal information, and also account balances. The control panel also provides access in real time to game administration, allowing the operator to adjust game structures, rules, and payouts.

Auto Post Office: Provides the operator with and easy way to create or edit all gaming related customer e-mails on your site. Also send daily, weekly, monthly etc…e-mails to all or part of your user database.

Document & Query Tools: These tools generate specific user reports. Operators can generate daily/weekly/monthly etc… reports based on user demographics, profit, profile, connectivity and more.

Global Marketing Tools: This keeps track of your advertising campaigns, as well as showing you which campaigns were more successful than others.


Player Bonus Flexibility – Bonuses can be implemented on initial deposits, additional deposits, birthday dates, or amounts of play. Additionally, they can also be given as a fixed dollar amount or a percentage of the deposit received.

Web Design – Offering a full range of web development services, the company’s staff provides the latest in cutting-edge technology and design while offering functional, fast loading and visitor-friendly web sites.

Auto Post Office – An absolutely essential marketing tool – the Auto Post Office provides operators with the ability to readily email any specific segment of their customer database based on characteristics entered by the operator.

Toolbox – A detailed, web-based control center that provides extensive reporting capabilities, player control features, transaction monitoring, and an array of other applications to ensure complete management insight and satisfaction.












Responsible Gaming – Is a socially-responsible feature in which the player is given the option of determining a pre-set spending limit. Once the limit is met, no further deposits are accepted from that player for the applicable time period.

Player Tracking System – The Player Tracking System lets operators monitor the performance of various marketing campaigns by following the activity of the player from their initial click-through all the way to their actual game play.

Affiliate Program – The affiliate program is a two-tiered, player referral program that was designed to serve as the cornerstone of each operator’s marketing campaign. Of course, payout parameters are solely up to the operator.


R & D – Our software is always improving, with regular upgrades to games and marketing tools. We are always on the lookout for ways to improve our software.

Multi-currency – This provides your players with the ability to deposit funds in numerous different currencies.

Multilingual – All text found within the website and software can be translated into one of many different languages, including English, Portuguese, Italian, German, Chinese, French, Hebrew, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, and more.

Kryption™ – Random Number Generation – Kryption, a program which generates series of numbers through the measurement of decaying, radioactive material, ensures that the results offered through our casino games are truly random.

Scalability and Reliability – Our software is capable of managing anything from a small online operation to the largest of online gaming operations. Load balancing capabilities that allow for the acceptance of millions of wagers a day guarantee uninterrupted services even at peak demand times.

Security and Fraud – We place both the player’s and operator’s financial security as a top priority. BTG Gaming incorporates the industry’s leading fraud prevention techniques as ell as advanced security precautions in all back end features.

Existing Online Gaming Operators – The implementation of our software can be seamlessly integrated into the operations of existing gaming websites. The programming staff provides full support for a smooth transition.

Land-based Operators – BTG Gaming also works closely with physical casino owners interested in entering the online arena. All aspects of the web operation are created to replicate the operator’s land-based establishment.